DONATE NOW, Bring Relief to a Family Battling Cancer. image

DONATE NOW, Bring Relief to a Family Battling Cancer.

Facing cancer is tough. Together, we offer support and hope to single-parent families in need.

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Together, We Form an Extraordinary Village. Your Support is a Lifeline for Singletons Families.

Our Mission

The Singletons is dedicated to providing unwavering support and hope to single-parent moms, dads, and children who have been facing the challenging battle of cancer.


Envision a brighter tomorrow, where we steadfastly embrace our mission's true purpose, relentlessly fortifying the heart and soul of our Singletons communities. We are here to serve, uplift, and empower both the families we touch and the compassionate souls who stand by our side.


  • Compassion: To empathize with the many challenging situations each family finds themselves in during this extremely difficult time in their lives.
  • Appreciation: To display gratitude and respect towards those who give of their time, talent, and heart to serve The Singletons mission.
  • Strength: To be the courageous voice of advocacy within our community for single-parent families battling cancer by bringing awareness to the unique challenges these families face.

Our Story

On October 23, 2005, the world lost a brave single mother to cancer. Her name was Michelle Singleton. 18 years later, an entire community exists to honor Michelle’s life. The growth of our Singleton family has been truly astounding. The Singletons began as a tribute to one brave, devout single mother of four. Today, it has blossomed into a beautiful, heavenly tribute to the many cancer warriors who have walked the same journey as Michelle. We will never forget our matriarch and dear friend. We believe Michelle’s kind, giving spirit will guide The Singletons mission daily.

Our Programs

Singletons Kitchen- Provides nutritious family dinners to simplify meal preparation and promote time spent together as a family.

Singletons Bare Necessities- Supplies a family's home with essential household items, such as laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.

Singletons Pockets- Due to the recent increase in fuel prices. Gas cards are provided when funding is available.

Singletons Kids- Creates experiences filled with fun activities and special occasion gifts for Singletons kids to help create the happy childhood memories they deserve.

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A Message from The Singletons Executive Director/Founder- Jody Boyd